Top 10 whiskey accounts to follow on Instagram

Whiskey on Instagram

The world of whiskey is huge.  Its almost impossible to know of, let alone taste, all the whiskies out there.  Happily, there are some great whiskey accounts on Instagram that can give you ideas, suggestions, and guidance on all things whiskey.  And beyond the content, there's a fantastic community on Instagram - so join in the fun today.

What are the best whiskey accounts on Instagram in 2020?

There are lots and lots of great whiskey accounts you can follow on Instagram, from small to large, from all over the world, and with many different angles.  We've compiled this list of our top ten whiskey Instagrammers; these independent accounts are, in alphabetical order:

Top ten whiskey accounts to follow on Instagram

  1. @bookersbrye: funny, irreverent and cheeky, @bookersbrye posts a mixture of trick shot, balance, and humour posts.
  2. @drinks_geek: whisky pro and cocktail book author, @drinks_geek posts photos of his life on the road – and in the mountains.
  3. @frombarreltobottle: professional photographers with a love of whiskey, @frombarreltobottle post beautiful whisky shots in the great outdoors.
  4. @peat.and.more: a Finnish photographer and whisky lover, @peat.and.more explores the world of whisky through a camera lens.
  5. @scotchwhisperer: a New York based whisky collection, @scotchwhisperer posts photos of some very special whiskies.
  6. @singlemaltdaily: a man who loves whisky and gym in equal measures, @singlemaltdaily posts his whisky adventures.
  7. @singlemaltvault: a whisky enthusiast with a perchant for Macallan, @singlemaltvault posts his bottles and the London whisky scene.
  8. @thescotchfather: a whisky collector who will make you green with envy, @thescotchfather posts photos of incredible whiskies.
  9. @topwhiskies: London-based whisky enthusiasts, @topwhiskies post the best whisky photos and videos daily.
  10. @whiskywithaview: whiskey lover and rock climber extraodinaire, @whiskywithaview posts beautiful whiskey shots in the American wilderness.


The Single Cask on Instagram

As well as following these great whisky Instagrammers, you can follow us on Instagram too - we're @thesinglecask We post daily photos about our bottles and daily life as an independent bottler.  You can also get your photos as a guest feature by using the hastag #thesinglecask.  We can't wait to see the photos we're tagged in!

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