Top 5 Father's Day gift ideas!

Do you need some last minute gift ideas for Father’s Day 2020? Or are you simply looking to get yourself a treat?! Here are top five gift ideas for whisky loving dads.

A subscription to The Dram Team whisky club

This is a Father's Day gift idea that will keep on giving all year long: a subscription to The Dram Team whisky club. The Dram Team bring out-of-the-ordinary whisky tastings right to your dad's door. Each box includes five 25ml samples, a sixth 10ml sample of a super premium whisky, and tasting notes for all six drams. They have a variety of subscription models for you to choose from, including: one-month; quarterly; half-annual; and, annual. Find out more about The Dram Team's monthly whisky subscription club here.

A rum tasting set from Secret Spirits

If your dad loves whisky there's a very good chance that he'd love premium single cask rums as well. Single cask rums, much like their whisky counterparts, are different from the usual rums you might find on the supermarket shelf. Completely different. Secret Spirits have a fantastic rum sample set that would be perfect for Father's Day, giving your dad 12 delicious 50ml rum samples to explore and enjoy - all presented in a fun Pirate's theme (even dads have an 'inner kid').  Find out more about Secret Spirit's 'Rum's Revenge' tasting set here.

A monthly delivery from Summerton Club

A subscription to the Summerton Whisky Club is a gift that keeps on giving, with a unique bottle of delicious whisky delivered to your dad's door every other month. Not only are you going to earn serious bonus points on Father's Day itself, but every time a Summerton delivery arrives at his house you'll be very much in your pop's good books. Each delivery costs £50 (ie, £50 ever other month); you can buy either a £50 voucher, a half year subscription (£150), or a full year subscription (£300). Find out more about Summerton Whisky Club here.

Regional waters to pair with cask strength whisky

If your dad loves whisky maybe he's already got a lot of bottles.  Maybe he's got too many bottles!  And perhaps you're looking for something a bit different, yet still related. 

Uisge Source is a regional water set that is tailor made to pair with cask strength whiskies from the major scotch producing regions.  These are perfect as they will allow your dad to reduce the strength of high alcohol whiskies with spring water that's local to where the whisky was distilled in the first instance; ensuring the perfect flavour profile.  Find out more about the Uisge Source regional waters set here.

The Final Cut is a whisky tasting set that combines our cask strength whiskies with Uisge Source regional spring water. Each set includes: 100ml of our single cask, cask strength whisky; 100ml of spring water from the near the distillery; a Glencairn whisky glass; and a glass pipette. Find out more about The Final Cut whisky tasting sets here.

A unique cask strength whisky from The Single Cask

OK so you must have known we were going to include a delicious Single Cask whisky in our top five gift ideas for Father's Day, right?!  Read our article here for why we think a cask strength whisky is the perfect gift for Father's Day.

To all the dads, grandads, and father figures out there: Happy Father's Day.

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