English Whisky Peated 12 years old whisky (cask 106RR)



Distillery: English Whisky Peated

Region: England

Type: Single malt scotch

Age: 12 years old

Distilled: 2009

ABV: cask strength of 58%

Cask ref: 106RR

Cask: Octave - Peated 62ppm

Bottle outturn: 41

Bottle size: 700ml 


Nose: Gentle, rolling waves of peat smoke. White grape juice, cranberries, crabapples, ripe pears.

Palate: Anglesey sea salt, beach bonfire smoke, muscat grapes, a hint of fresh English strawberry.


The oldest ever English whisky bottled by The Single Cask! A true unique finding matured to excellence. Read this article written by Sorren Krebs passionate whisky blogger of OCDWHISKY.COM and ambassador of The English Whisky Co. to know more about this stellar release.

Finish: A hit of pungent Islay-esque peat, barley before harvest, fresh raspberries, mandarin oranges. Medium/short finish.

Teo Spiropoulos' Review

I bet you haven't tried this one! For me, it is always fun to pour some new not so well-known whisky in my glass and guess all the details: Region, type of barrel, age and why not sometimes the distillery !

Here is a perfect example of such a whisky. The oldest ever English Whisky bottle!

Pour a nice dram to your glass. Then close your eyes and smell it. It grabs my nose and takes it to the western islands of Scotland, smelling the salty sea and some burning peat from a close distillery. I could swear I'm on Islay or maybe to be more adventurous on Isle of Mull where Tobermory is currently making their famous peated Ledaig. I can smell the burning peat and some fruits on the nose, so I run quick for a sip that gives me confidence in what I just thought with all that smoke and strawberries in it. Yes! —I am definitely in Islay! And then I open my eyes, read the label and realize...I am not in Islay, not even in Scotland ! But in England at Saint George distillery, trying a 12 year old peated octave English whisky! Well, that was a trap my friends but lovely finish and exquisite dram! This one undoubtedly goes to my collection.

For us, one of the best aspects of a good single malt whisky is its ability to bring people together. So when we created our bottles we wanted to design something that felt like a decanter - meant to be passed around a group of friends, new and old, as they enjoy sharing a dram together.

Our bottles have a good weight to them, making them feel substantial and giving them the presence a good whisky deserves.  We've offset the label, so that the whisky is centre stage; it shows the natural colour of the liquid clearly and proudly.

The label clearly and transparently shows you all the key information, including: the nature of the liquid (for example, single malt scotch) where it was distilled; how old it is; and how strong it is.  All our liquids are natural colour and non chill filtered.

Our bottles come in two sizes: 700ml, which is our standard for our main releases; and for some of our expressions, 100ml minis.

Packaging: All our bottles are shipped in a specialist anti-shock 'air tubes'.  These create a sleeve of air around the bottle to keep it safe and protected while in the post.  The air tubes are then places in discreet, plain, cardboard outer boxes.

UK shipping: We offer next-day delivery as standard, and you will receive a tracking code so you can monitor the progress of your delivery. The postage cost is a flat fee, so you can order as many bottles as you like for the same postage price.

EU shipping: Rates are calculated automatically on check-out, and shipments are sent using the major international delivery firms.  You will receive a tracking code so you can monitor the progress of your delivery.

US shipping: We deliver to the following states: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Canada (Only Alberta State)We're pleased to ship to Alberta State, Canada. You will receive a tracking code so you can monitor the progress of your delivery.  Please remember, there might be local taxes you could need to pay in your country, however all non-US delivery outside of EU, UK VAT will not be charged.

Rest of world: We're pleased to ship to a large number of countries, with rates calculated when you check out. You will receive a tracking code so you can monitor the progress of your delivery.  Please remember, there might be local taxes you could need to pay in your country.

COVID update: We are pleased to be able to continue shipping whisky to your door.  All our operations are done in a COVID secure manner with health and safety of utmost importance.  While we endeavour to ship as quickly as possible, the reduction in flights between countries has impacted airfreight; this means some international orders may take a little longer than usual.

For large orders or help: Please contact Ben (Ben@thesinglecask.co.uk) if you have any questions, or need help placing a large custom order.

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