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Article: Connection: Shimpei Sasaki

Connection: Shimpei Sasaki

Connection: Shimpei Sasaki






私はThe Single Cask Ltdの日本法人を2020年6月に立ち上げました。

立ち上げにあたっては、The Single Cask Ltdオーナーであり私の家族でもあるBen & Cindy Curtisの存在が非常に大きかったです。彼らとの家族としての絆があるからこそ、シングルキャスクジャパンが存在しています。





The Connection (Kizuna Collection) is a collection that expresses the bond people can have.

When I first created this collection, I had an image of connecting the distillery or environment where the item was made and the person who drinks it.

Every single cask whisky has a story before it reaches us.

Even if you're drinking alone, the passion and love of producers through whisky creates a bond with you.

I launched the Japanese branch of The Single Cask Ltd in June 2020.

The presence of Ben & Cindy Curtis, owners of The Single Cask Ltd as well as my family, was very important for this launching.

Everyone lives with their loved ones, family and friends.

Bonds are created in various places such as home, workplace, and journey destinations.

In the Connection series (Kizuna Collection), I would like to express the bonds that may built in various situations of our lives.

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