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About The Single Cask

We want to be the new wave generation of single cask visionaries. Drinking single cask whisky is an incredible experience, one that deserves to be shared and valued for its individuality.

We only bottle whiskies with the clear mission of exciting and entertaining our whisky drinking family.

Jan Damen, General Manager (2024)

Our Heart and Soul

There are people so passionate about whisky that it becomes a part of their soul. A powerful attraction that kindles a love affair. Love that shines in every moment and throughout everything they do.

Enjoying all things whisky with a contagious excitement. It is this passion that is at the heart of THE SINGLE CASK, its people, the bottlings, and our whisky drinking family.

Our Story & Roots

THE SINGLE CASK was born back in 2010 from a love affair between founder Ben Curtis and the exceptional character of whisky drawn straight from the cask at natural strength.

Powered by a fascination with how these one-of-a-kind single cask bottlings to taste so distinctive, his passion soon led to the launch of THE SINGLE CASK and the opening of his first whisky bar in Singapore.

Read the remarkable story behind The Single Cask and why we are so passionate about bottling whiskies, just one barrel at a time.

What we do Best

Our expertise is in the sourcing of casks of whisky and in their maturation – it’s a bold pursuit to uncover whiskies that are of exceptional quality and character. We pride ourselves on only bottling the most outstanding and distinctive casks.

Whiskies that start conversations through their irresistible charisma. All our bottlings have been tasting panel approved with this bullseye in mind. Our Taste Master panel are seasoned experts, dedicated to the pursuit of quality, hand-selecting each and every cask we bottle.

What we believe in

The opportunity to taste whisky in its purest form and appreciate its beauty and emotional power. We value individuality through the exceptional… the extraordinary… and the curious.

We want to thrill and entertain the senses, only releasing the best single cask whiskies through our carefully crafted collections. Whiskies that have never been seen before and will never be found again.


We value the distinct personality of each single cask, taking a unique approach to the flavour of our whisky releases. Our sensory Taste Masters come together to explore the character of each whisky we bottle and bring this to life through their descriptive tasting notes, naming every cask to reflect its charismatic personality. We also profile each whisky by one of five moods, encouraging exploration of our bottlings through moments in time.

Join us on this thrilling adventure

We believe drinking single cask whisky to be an incredible experience. Come with us on a once-in-a-lifetime whisky rollercoaster as we explore the wonders of single cask whisky. Where you can expect the unexpected along a thrilling adventure.