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Unveiling the Artistry of The Single Cask


Here at The Single Cask, we passionately embarked on our journey to unveil our exceptional spirits, hand-picked and bottled one cask at a time.

Our relentless pursuit leads us to extraordinary single malt whisky, Irish whiskey, American bourbon, and Rum. We seek the perfect exemplars of a distillery's character or those that showcase unique maturation techniques. Put simply if it's delicious and unique we want to share this with you.

Our award-winning whiskies are bottled at natural cask strength, without any intervention such as chill filtration or artificial colours.

We are fuelled by our passion, firmly believing that the best whiskies should be opened, enjoyed, and shared. Our mission is to ensure that these single cask releases find their way into the hands of whisky enthusiasts like you.

Unique spirits bottled one cask at a time. Exceptional whisky bottled with our family’s passion and dedication.


Unleashing Possibilities with your cask

The Single Cask fulfils your lifetime dream of owning a whisky cask. We offer a wide range of single malt whisky casks and offer unmatched sourcing capabilities as specialists in the industry. There are many casks available in various shapes and sizes.

Our diverse flavour profiles include distillate characteristics and barrel maturation methods from long-term ageing to cask finishing with bourbon, sherry, port, rum and wine.

If you've ever wanted to bottle your own, we can help you from suppling the spirit and design your own striking labels. Let us help you build your brand, we can help in all areas.
So why wait? Bottle your own now!

To explore your whisky ambitions further, please contact us by clicking the link below. Our team of dedicated cask specialists looks forward to assisting you.

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Expert Guidance from The Single Cask

Sell Your Whisky Cask with Confidence

Are you considering selling your own whisky cask? The Single Cask aims to help you every step of the way. Our expertise ensures a smooth transaction. As part of our commitment to you, we offer free cask valuations to help you value your Whisky Casks.

We can offer customizable solutions. Depending on your preference, we can buy your cask directly, making the transaction quick and convenient. Alternatively, we can also sell your cask using our broad network of contacts.

Whatever your needs, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Please contact us via the link below to discuss. Our professional cask buyers will reach out to you promptly to help you sell your whisky cask confidently.

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Embracing the Charisma of Single Cask Whiskies

How Serendipity Turned Wine Into Single Cask Whisky

Our Dream Job for the Dram Lover

Unveiling Our Taste Master Initiative: Who Nose Best?

Distillery Showcase: A Collection Celebrating the Artistry and Origins of Your Whiskies

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"The Single Cask is a company dedicated to offering top quality whisky as it was intended to be offered – straight from the cask and in its most natural state, cask strength, naturally coloured and non chill filtered."

"In my experience so far The Single Cask are offering both style and substance, and I have enjoyed chatting to the boys about the company. Keep an eye out for their bottlings and give them a try if one takes your fancy!"

"The Single Cask aim to ensure that anyone in the world is able to find an exceptional bottling from their favourite distillery; something that takes them by surprise and makes them see that whisky in a whole new light."

"Massive fan of their bottles, I have had quite a few and they are always my choice as a sharing bottle for the whisky club I am in (Potteries Whisky Club). "

Mark (customer)

The Single Cask Distilleries

From the journal

Glen Ord Distillery

Glen Ord Distillery

Douglas Laing and Signatory Vintage have performed the majority of independent bottlings available on the market today from Glen Ord distillery, so finding any other independent bottlings from t...

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Dufftown Distillery

Dufftown Distillery

Dufftown whisky is the definition of nutty-spicy whisky with a malt heavy profile.  About   The name might be familiar to you from the famous Diageo product "The Singleton of Dufftown". This low...

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Dalmore Distillery

Dalmore Distillery

Dalmore is one of the best companies for your cigar due to the fruity, smooth, silky whisky they produce. A true single malt scotch whisky with dried fruits and cereal combined with the strangest...

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