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The Single Cask bottles unique spirits one cask at a time.  We search hard to find exceptional single malt whisky, Irish whiskey, and American bourbon. We like to find great examples of what typifies a particular distillery's characteristics, or what showcases a certain maturation technique; but in short: if it's delicious, we want you to have it.

We then bottle our award-winning whiskies at natural cask strength, non chill filtered, and no artificial colours. This keeps the whiskey as pure and natural as possible - just as we found it in the cask, in some quiet, dark, warehouse. Our glass bottles are styled like a decanter, designed to be passed around a group of friends as they enjoy sharing a dram together.

We're passionate about what we do because we believe the best whisky should be opened, enjoyed and shared; not left to gather dust on a shelf.  And, we're here to get these single cask releases into whisky-lovers' hands. 

So please: find something you like, sit down with friends and family, and enjoy.

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Caol Ila single malt whisky

What is an independent bottler?

Independent by nature

An independent bottlers finds whisky from a wide range of distilleries and bottles it under their own label. They can choose whatever they like, and bottle it however they like; they don't need to conform to same constaints some big brands have to. And thats us, The Single Cask are an independent bottler that buy and bottle the best whisky we can find, under our own label, keeping the liquid pure and natural.

What is a single cask whisky?

one cask at a time

Most whiskies are made by mixing a number of casks together.  If its a "single malt", that means the casks come from the same distillery; it might be three, 30, or 300 casks mixed together.  If its a "blended whisky", that means that the casks come from two or more different distilleries - again, all mixed together.  But we only bottle "single cask whisky" which means we carefully review all available casks, find the best, and just bottle that cask. Its completely unique, and totally special; once its gone, its gone forever. 

What does cask strength mean?

Whisky your way

Walk into the supermarket and you'll see many whiskies on the shelf at 40% ABV (meaning 40% alcohol by volume).  You might find some at different strengths, maybe 43% or 46%. But what is likely is that the brand has added water to reduce the strength.  We don't add water to our single cask releases.  That means the whisky is the same strength that we found it in the cask; you then have a choice as to whether to enjoy it at that strength, or add your own custom amount of water.

What does natural colour mean?

Pure and natural

Imagine you're a big brand, producing thousands of bottles every year.  Customers will expect each bottle to be exactly the same - including the colour.  But, whisky is a natural, organic product.  Just like fruit and veg, there is always some variation in colour.  Now some brands might add caramel colour to ensure consistency; and thats OK.  But we believe natural variation in colour is part of its character, making each whisky unique and beautiful.  So we never add any colour, keeping it pure and natural. 

What is chill filtration?

Nothing taken away

Chill filtration removes some of the fatty acids from the whisky. This technique is sometimes used by other brands to prevent whiskies lower than 46% going cloudy in cold temperatures.  We never chill filter our whiskies, as we want to keep all the flavour, and all the fatty acids, in the whisky (and because we bottle at cask strength, very few of our bottles will ever go cloudy). This is why we describe all our whiskies as being "non chill filtered".

Why is an age statement important?

Full transparency

An age statement shows how long a whisky has been matured for and is printed on the label, usually in full years.  Whether its young (3 years), or old (30 years), doesn't mean the whisky is bad, or good.  You can have superb young whiskies, and sometimes old whiskies don't work.  But what we feel is important, is transparency.  That you know what you're drinking.  Thats why all our bottles carry an age statement, clearly showing how old the whisky is.

bottle design

Designed to be shared

We believe whisky is meant to be open, shared and enjoyed.  We believe a good single malt can bring friends, new and old, together in conversation and life. So, we designed our bottles to be like a decanter - meant to be passed around a group of friends as they enjoy a dram together, and placed in the middle of the table as they share their thoughts.

Here to help

Buy a whisky cask

Have you ever wanted to have your own cask?

If you want to buy a cask of single malt whisky, we're here to help.  We have a wide range of casks, and as a specialist broker, we can source an even broader range.

And with a range of sizes and types of casks, there's a lot to choose from.  You could buy a large cask that means a high number of bottles; something like a butt.  Or you could go for something smaller, like an octave, particularly if you're looking for something more manageable.  And we can help with a range of flavour profile, both in terms of distillate (distillery characteristics and whether the new make was peated or not will impact flavour) and in terms of cask maturation (either full term maturation or finishing in a variety of casks - bourbon, sherry, port, wine - lots of choice).

If you're looking to create your own independent bottling, this is also something we can help you with - from choosing the right glass bottle, through to designing the label.  Or you might be interested in whisky as an investment, again something we can advise you on.

Whatever you're interested in, please contact us by clicking the link below, and one of our cask specialists will be pleased to help.

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Buy a whisky cask

Here to help

Sell a whisky cask

Do you own a cask that you want to sell?

Where its single malt whisky, Irish whiskey, or American bourbon we'd be pleased to help.  We offer free valuations on all casks, so you can understand what your cask is currently worth.  And we' can also give you advice on the options you have available to you.

We may be able to buy your cask oureselves, there and then; or help you bottle it for sale; or, sell it for you to our wide network of contacts.

Whatever you need, we'd be pleased to help. Contact us by clicking the link below, and one of our cask buyers will be in touch.

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Sell a whisky cask

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