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Our Family Series


For those that love whisky, our Family Series offers the unique opportunity to select YOUR own exclusive single cask for bottling, working with us to develop bespoke artwork for the label.

If you’ve got a bar, shop or business and are interested in your own whisky for selling or gifting, this is the series for you.


Exclusively bottled for worldwide family partners, don’t miss the last drops of these rare bottlings.

A journey of passion and taste with The Single Cask

Cask Ownership

Sell your Whisky Cask

Send us a message for a free evaluation and tailored options for selling or bottling.

Contact our sales team

Buy Whisky by the Cask

Read our ultimate guide to whisky cask ownership and send us a message to find out more.

Contact our buyers

Our Fan Club Family

The Single Cask Collective

Join our spirited family of single cask fans, united in seeking the ultimate in thrills and spills.

Being part of our single cask community means exclusive bottle releases and collective taster packs, regular whisky-related content and newsletters, VIP previews, invites and events and the opportunity to have YOUR SAY on where we go next.

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