The Single Cask guide to whisky

  • How Water Makes Your Whisky

    In this article we look at how water is involved in each stage of the distillation of whisky, what kind of water is used, and why it matters.
  • Should You Have Whisky with Ice this Summer?

    Should you add ice to whisky this summer? It’s one of the most controversial questions of our age: ice in your whisky; nuclear disarmament; jam or cream on top of your scone. It is serious business. The issue divides families and ruins a night out. Or, more specifically, has ruined many days out. Under the summer sun, even aficionados can be tempted to add ice to their whisky. 
  • What's the best whisky for the summer

    Just like wine or beer, whisky has different flavour profiles that you can match to different seasons. We tell you what the best kind of whisky for Summer is.
  • What is new make whisky?

    Whisky is what happens when you put new make into a barrel and wait. If it’s scotch, that means taking new make and putting into an oak barrel for at least three years. But what is new make whisky?
  • Can whisky be used as a hand sanitizer?

    We’re all washing our hands a lot these days. There is not a substitute for soap and water. But can whisky be used as a hand sanitizer? Yes. It can! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that hand sanitizer should have a minimum of 60% ethanol to be effective. That means you’d probably need cask strength whisky. But you could do it. 
  • Self-isolated Whisky: World’s Most Remote Distilleries

    I’m sitting at home, self-isolated, and drinking a lot of whisky. It’s given me time to think: what are the scotch whisky distilleries that have self-isolated? Specifically, what are the world’s most remote distilleries? I’ve had a lot of time on my hands.

    But I did think it was an interesting question. I always imagine whisky coming from small parts of the world. Places where highland cows outnumber people. It’s part of the appeal. So I put together this list of the world’s most remote distilleries. I wanted to find the distilleries that self-isolated to make the best whisky. 

  • How to make a whisky chocolate Easter bunny

    It isn’t Easter until you’ve had a chocolate Easter bunny. But have you ever noticed the small ones say 2oz on the packaging? And have you ever stopped and thought: ‘huh, a standard shot is 2oz.’

    You can guess where I’m going with this. 

  • Valentine's day gifts for him 2020

    Five gift ideas for Valentines 2020, if your boyfriend or husband likes whisky. Best whiskey presents they'll love. Read now and make them a happy Valentine!
  • Top 10 whisky accounts to follow on Instagram

    The whisky world is enormous.  It's almost impossible to know, let alone taste, all the whiskies out there.  Happily, there are some great whisky accounts on Instagram that can give you ideas, suggestions, and guidance on all things whisky.  And beyond the content, there's a fantastic community on Instagram – so join in the fun today.

  • Whisky clubs: 5 best monthly whisky subscriptions

    We've picked 5 of the best monthly whisky subscriptions in 2020 that give you an easy way to try unique whisky every month, delivered to your door.
  • Is whiskey vegan?

    Is whisky vegan?   If you want the short answer, then yes: whiskey is vegan. Thank you very much for playing. But, you know me, I like to explore....
  • Is whiskey gluten free?

    In this article we look at what gluten is, and whether whisky is gluten free.  We also talk about why whisky is or isn't labelled as being gluten free and some examples of whisky that are safe for people with gluten allergies.