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Article: Luxury Single Cask Whiskies

Luxury Single Cask Whiskies

Luxury Single Cask Whiskies

All the flowers are blooming, this means easter is rapidly approaching! What better way to mark the start this new season than with a floral, fruity whisky line up? These whiskies will definitely get you in the Easter spirit, whether you're hosting an Easter brunch or just want to sip on something special.

So let's raise a glass to a weekend full of fun and whisky. Here are some of our favourite Easter-themed whisky drinks.

The Single Cask Blair Athol 7 years old (311429) matured in an Oloroso Quarter 

For the love of Sherried Raisins and Cinnamon! This Blair Athol is a deliciously indulgent serve that’s got just the right amount of sweetness. It was finished in an oloroso sherry octave, providing that juicy, sherry notes in this bottle. Octave basically means the eight of a butt considered this to be a quite small cask to finish whisky in. But we all know that good things do come in small packages.  On Easter Sunday evening, it's the ideal beverage to sip between bites of fruity cocoa truffles and dark chocolate.

 Blair Athol easter whisky

The Single Cask Inchgower 6 years old (300750)  finished in Moscatel Octave 


Loyal to Speyside's reputation, this Inchgower is sweetened by honey, red fruits and cinnamon flavours. It pairs wonderfully with your roasted lamb or cooked ham. The smooth, balanced taste will impress your guests, so you might need to restock the bottle after they leave. If you want to double the pleasure or just simply impressed with the bottle, you can also go for another Inchgower whisky 10yo (803621) and compare how different finishes completely changes the structure of the whisky.

The Single Cask Teaninich 9 years old (716302) finished in a PX Hogshead 


Teaninich is one of the largest distilleries in Scotland, known for its malty profile. A true Highland whisky with a playful burst of sour cherries, strobing on to earthy mushroom, crunchy pear and apple. As the spring starts, I can't think of anything that could represent the flavours  of spring better! It's a whisky that was made for celebrating. And it’s seriously delicious too.

Teaninich easter whisky

The Single Cask Caol Ila 6 years old (cask 311895) finished in an Ex-Bourbon Hogshead 


For the perfect pairing of sweet and salty flavours, I recommend this truly amazing Caol Ila finished in an ex-bourbon cask. The rich honey notes shine through the peat and smoke, followed by the sea salt and shells from the ocean. With less prominent smoke than some of it's Islay neighbours, this single cask whisky perfectly balanced and need to have a space on the Easter table. It goes well with your dessert (or chocolate bunny) but it is also a great company to your main course (naturally some meat!).

So go ahead, treat yourself to something special this Easter, and indulge in the luxurious taste of our single cask whisky!

Caol Ila easter whisky


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