History of Ben Nevis whisky distillery

Ben Nevis distillery is in Lochy Bridge in Fort William just at the base of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, which rises to 1,345 m above sea level. A coastal distillery in the Western Highlands, Ben Nevis draws its water from the Allt a’Mhuilinn which originates from two pools, Coire Leis and Coire na’Ciste. 

The distillery was founded in 1825 by 'Long John' McDonald, a 6 ft 4in descendant of a ruler of the western Scottish kingdom of Argyll (after whom the blended Scotch, Long John, was named). After Long John's death in 1856, ownership passed to his son, Donald McDonald.

A second distillery was sited nearby in 1878 and named Nevis Distillery. In a bid to keep up with growing demand, the two distilleries eventually became one in the early twentieth century. In 1955 the distillery was taken over by new proprietors led by Joseph Hobbs. Under Hobbs, the distillery began using continuous distillation, installing a Coffey Still which remained on the site for 26 years and made the distillery one of the first to produce both malt and grain whisky simultaneously.  Nikka acquired the distillery in 1989 and continue to own it today. 

Whisky from Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis do have some own brand age statements, including their 10 year old which is part of their core range. They have also released other age statements and cask strength variations. Ben Nevis casks make for great independent bottlings, and a number can be found.

Ben Nevi's character tends to be strong and bold, with spicy notes and peat smoke, together with some fruit, honey and heather.

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Ben Nevis distillery details

Address: Ben Nevis Distillery, Lochy Bridge, Fort William, PH33 6TJ

Website: www.bennevisdistillery.com

Telephone number: +44 01397 702476

Tours: yes, public tours are available.