History of Bowmore whisky distillery

Bowmore Distillery was established in 1779 by a local merchant, John P. Simson, before passing into the ownership of the Mutter family, a family of German descent. James Mutter, head of the family, also had farming interests and was Vice Consul representing the Ottoman Empire, Portugal, and Brazil through their Glasgow consulates. The distillery was then bought from the Mutter family in 1925 by J.B. Sheriff & Co. and remained under their ownership until being purchased by Inverness-based William Grigor & Son, Ltd. in 1950.

During the World Wars the Bowmore Distillery halted production, and hosted the RAF Coastal Command for much of World War II, Coastal Command operated flying boats from Loch Indaal on anti-submarine warfare missions.

Stanley P. Morrison and James Howat formed Stanley P. Morrison Ltd. in 1951, and this company formed Morrison's Bowmore Distillery, Ltd. in 1963 in order to take over the Bowmore Distillery. Stanley P. Morrison died in 1971, and control of the companies passed to Brian Morrison. The company name has changed slightly, and, following minor restructuring, the distillery is now owned by Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd., which is in turn owned by the Japanese distiller Suntory, following their takeover of Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd. during 1994. 

Whisky from Bowmore

Bowmore Distillery tries to use as much barley as possible from on the island of Islay, some of which is malted on its traditional floor malting, but it does also import malted barley from the mainland to supplement supplies. The distillery has an annual capacity of two million litres, with fermentation undertaken in traditional wooden washbacks before the liquid is passed through two wash stills and then through two spirit stills.

Bowmore is a typical Islay whisky, with heavy peat smoke and sea salt. Hidden underneath these bold flavours are subtler characteristics, such as violet flowers. Bowmore use a variety of cask maturations, including sherry and wine.

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Bowmore distillery details

Address: Bowmore Distillery, School St, Bowmore, Isle of Islay, PA44 7JS

Website: www.bowmore.com

Telephone number: +44 1496 810441

Tours: yes, Bowmore host public tours