Buy a cask of whisky

Have you ever wanted to buy a cask of whisky?

As a whisky broker and single malt scotch whisky supplier, Single Cask specialises in finding and sharing exceptional whiskies. Over the years we have worked with a number of partners to find and bottle the best whisky casks Scotland's distillers have to offer. If you would like to buy a whisky cask investing in the future of whisky, or bottle your own whisky cask, use the contact form at the bottom of this page and one of our whisky cask specialists will be in touch. 

What should you consider when buying a whisky cask?

There are lots of important considerations when buying a cask of whisky.  What region do you want?  There can be significant regional differences between Highlands, Lowlands, Islands, Speyside and Islay.  What kind of new make spirit do you want?  Peated or unpeated spirit will have a big impact on the final product.  What wood influence are you after from your whisky cask?  Whether you choose something traditional like an ex-bourbon or ex-sherry cask, or go for something different like ex-wine or ex-port, the flavours will change over time.  And finally, how long do you want to leave your cask to mature, and how many bottles are you hoping for at the end?  Whisky casks come in all shapes and sizes, including Octaves, Quarters, Barrels, Hogsheads, Puncheons and Butts.  Our team can help you with all of these considerations, and are here to help you choose the ideal cask of whisky/whiskey for you to own, buy, or bottle.  Use the form below to contact us for further information.

Buying whisky as an investment? 

Owning a maturing cask of scotch whisky can be a sound investment for the future, but only viable if you have a solid exit strategy. The content of you become  become more valuable with time as it matures, remaining safe from fluctuating financial markets. The wait is worthwhile!  In the past our cask owners have enjoyed excellent returns on their initial cask ownership program, typically returning between 7-12% per year.  It’s worth keeping in mind that a typical ‘hogshead’ cask of around 12 years could yield around two hundred and seventy bottles, so will you drink it all? How will you sell your cask of whisky? There’s always the want to take a few of your own whiskies home with you!  So what is your plan for you whisky cask ownership? Use the form below to contact us today, and we will be pleased to help you with your whisky cask ownership ideas.

Want to bottle your own whisky?

Our team of whisky specialists monitor every cask on behalf of their owners, keeping them updated on each spirit’s progress. When we deem the cask to be at its absolute best, we take care of everything, from bottling and labelling to shipping and sales.  So, whether you want to become an independent bottler, or share your own-branded bottles of whisky on a special occasion like a wedding, contact us today using the below form for more information.

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