History of Glentauchers whisky distillery

Glentauchers was founded in 1898 by James Buchanan & Co., originally to provide whisky to go into its Buchanan’s and Black & White blends.

Experiments in ‘continuous pot still distillation’ were conducted at Glentauchers at the turn of the 20th century, which involved a 100% barley mash through an adapted pot still. In 1966 Glentauchers significantly increased production with the number of stills growing from two to twelve. 

Unfortunately Glentauchers hit upon hard times in the early 1980s, when overall demand for Scotch whisky decreased, and by 1985 it had been mothballed.  In 1989 Allied Distillers (who later became Chivas Brothers) bought Glentauchers, with some of the whisky reserves going into Ballantine's and production restarting in 1992.

Whisky from Glentauchers

Given its historic use in blended whisky, there are, by and large, no official expressions; the exception by a 15 year old single malt that was released in July 2017 under the Ballantine's brand.

Glentauchers has been set up with long fermentation and slow distillation to create a higher style of new make, with a flowery distillery characteristic. While this has always lent itself well for inclusion in blends, it also lends itself well to long cask maturations, allowing the flavours to build up over the years.

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Gentauchers distillery details 

Address: Glentauchers Distillery, Mulben, Moray, AB55 6YL

Telephone: +44 1542 860272

Tours: no