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travel through Scotland

From whisky podcast to bottling their own whisky

inside whiskey

"Why do you go back to Scotland every so often? "

People ask us this question quite regularly, and we always say that, yes, we have seen a lot, but there is still so much more to be discovered.

Our love for Scotland started with our fascination for whisky but our visits have never really been about ticking places and distilleries off the bucket list (well, to be honest, maybe in the very beginning). From the very start we were intrigued by this warm feeling of Scotland and its people welcoming you.

We - Miriam, Martin and Manuel - quickly started realising how wonderful this country is and that the whisky is actually just a massive bonus. But we also realised that many people who enjoy whisky have not been fortunate enough to get to Scotland to visit and experience the country, the people and the whisky first hand.

Needed no more, the podcast idea was born and ever since "Inside Whisky - The Barrel Talk" has been our (absolutely non-profit) project next to our very normal every day jobs.

About the label: A Highland Cow listening to our podcast, an allusion to our podcast logo, designed by our member Miriam's sister Vivian.


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