Work of Art

“Each single whisky cask is unique, developing its own specific profile throughout the years. Each of my bottlings reflects this as a small work of art, telling the story of the whisky through the stylish design and the custom label art.“

Roger’s Whisky Company is an independent bottler of high-quality Scotch Single Malt Whisky established in 2020. All bottlings are very limited editions based on a single cask from proven qualitative distilleries in Scotland. All casks are personally selected by Roger and bottled without any colouring and without chill-filtration to preserve all flavours and characteristics of the whisky.

Roger’s Whisky Company is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and distributes worldwide.

From enthusiast to owner

The story of Roger's

I started in the world of whisky in 1995 as a casual drinker and enthusiast of single malts, trying and appreciating all the nuanced tastes and subtle differences between whiskies and distilleries.

In 2019 I started photographing whisky bottles for my instagram account and was positively surprised by the great like-minded people I met from all over the world, talking about whisky and just plain having fun.

After a while the idea stuck with me that I would like to setup my own company in the world of whisky, that’s when Roger’s Whisky Company was born in 2020.

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