Looking after your whisky as it matures

Yes a still room is an exciting place, and the gleaming copper stills are where the science takes place. But what comes off those stills is 'new make'. It’s raw, clear, colourless liquid whose flavours have not yet had chance to develop.

But a whisky warehouse is where the real magic happens. Here a cask quietly slumbers away, letting the flavours develop and mature. As a legal minimum Scotch has to be matured for three years, but in reality it can be many years, or even decades, quietly asleep in its oak cask.

During this time, its important that your casks are properly looked after. They need an expert eye watching over them to ensure they remain safe, secure, and well managed. This is what we’re here to do. The Single Cask Bond is a fully-licensed and professional managed bonded warehouse for whisky casks, run by whisky-lovers for whisky-lovers.

Your Cask. To your Glass.

Bonded maturation warehouse

Our bonded warehouses are based in Fife, Scotland, only an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. We offer new and innovative whisky cask storage options along with whisky cask management services such as drawing of samples, regauging and re-racking. We also provide a bespoke whisky bottling and labelling service. Taking your cask, to your glass!

Our services

Cask management

Caring for your sleeping beauties! We offer new and innovative cask storage options along with cask management services such as drawing of samples, regauging and re-racking.



Taking your cask, to your glass! We provide a bespoke bottling and labelling service. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With The Single Cask Bond, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.



Find the best approach! We're constantly exploring new techniques and methods - from maturation approaches, to innovative packaging solutions. We believe fully in what we do, using these best practices on our own brands. And, we can bring these best practices to your brand too - helping you grow.



Owner of The Single Cask and Partner in The Single Cask Bond, Ben's experience with his own brand, and his love for helping others build their brands, adds great assets to our business.


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