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Benrinnes 10 year old whisky (cask 302110)

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Distillery: Benrinnes

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Age: 10 years old

Year distilled: 2009

ABV: cask strength of 58.4%

Cask ref: 302110

Cask type: ex-bourbon hogshead

Bottle outturn: 324

Bottle size: 700ml 


Nose: Sweet malt and crisp green apples followed by walnuts that were cracked by new oak planks.

Palate: There is a gentle seasoning of spiced cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper that’s sprinkled over malt, ripe apples, succulent grapes.

Finish: A rounded, medium finish carries those green grapes, walnuts and oak through to the end. 


Benrinnes was founded in 1826. Famed chronicler Alfred Barnard said of its location that ‘no more weird or desolate a place could have been chosen’. `But, of course, we like the weird. That’s what makes us enjoy single cask whisky, it’s unique. The majority of ‘the Ben’ ends up in blends, particularly for Johnnie Walker. It’s really hard to find single malts from Benrinnes. This is a rare treat. Certainly a whisky worth trying as a single malt, this Benrinnes is really well-rounded and has great nutty and grape notes.

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