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Article: Whisky clubs: 5 best monthly whisky subscriptions

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Whisky clubs: 5 best monthly whisky subscriptions

What if you want to try a range of whisky every month, and need a little help choosing drams to taste?

A growing trend is to mail-order whisky subscriptions.  For a monthly fee, dedicated specialists will select a range of the best and most interesting whiskies for you to try, and send them straight to your front door.  Easy.

We  have compiled a great list of the five best monthly whisky subscriptions in the UK, 2021.  In no particular order, these are:


Whisky Tasting Company

The Whisky Tasting Company staying loyal to it's name delivers a wide selection of rare and premium whiskies to your doorstep (each being bottled in their own facility in the borders of Scotland). Currently they are offering 4 different sets of box subscriptions between the price ranges of £89 and £235. You can either enjoy  in every 3 months a box of 5x100ml single malt / artisan whiskies, delivered for the period of 9 months or you can spice up things and purchase the "silver" or "rare and premium"one year subscriptions! Needless to say the difference between this two. Not to forget you will also receive individual tasting cards and a whisky tasting mat with each set.

Visit the Whisky Tasting Company

The Summerton Club

The Summerton Club are one of our favourites, offering a slightly different model to the monthly dram delivery.  In this case, they send you a full bottle (yes, you read that right, a full normal size bottle) of whisky every other month - so six bottles a year.  The Summerton Club is priced at £50 every other month, to chime with the bottle deliveries.  The whiskies they pick aren’t those you’d find in the supermarket - they search out unique and rare whiskies, off the beaten track.  And having found them, they offer them at that £50 (every other month) price point - including P&P.  Unbelievable deal.

Visit The Summerton Club


Master of Malt's Pour & Sip

Many of you might be familiar with Master of Malt, as they are one of the largest online whisky specialists.  You might even be aware that, through their partnership with Drinks by the Dram, you can order 30ml samples of certain bottles - so you can try before you commit to a whole bottle of an expensive whisky.  But did you know that Master of Malt have a monthly dram club, "Pour & Sip"? Each box containing 5 amazing 30ml bottles costs £29.95 per every month. Choose monthly or two months, 6 months packages but the price stays the same per box. You can cancel at any time, but there are definitely some rewards if you stay for certain lengths of time.

Visit MoM's Pour & Sip


Whisky Me

Remember that joy when, as a kid, your mum handed you a squeezy pouch of fruit juice on a hot summer's day?  Well, you'll get that same joy, this time as a grown-up, when Whisky Me send you a squeezy pouch of delicious whisky - whatever the weather. For just £7.95 a month (or £7.00 if you sign up for a year's subscription), Whisky Me will send you a 60ml pouch of rare or exclusive whisky - from the packaging, through the free postage, to the delicious dram, this service is set up to make you feel that joy once a month.

Visit Whisky Me

The W Club

The W Club offer a range of services for the whisky lover, including a club membership, auctions, tastings and much more. You can choose for either one time purchase £30.00 you get a one-year membership card that enables you for exclusive offers such as tasting events, subscription to their magazine, special offers and some other amazing perks. Or you can choose their Membership Gift Box for £59.00 delivering the membership card alongside with two 100ml sample bottles and a tasting notebook enough for 100 whiskies. This one is great if you are an active whisky buyer who would enjoy being part of this community.

Visit the W Club


All prices correct as of 9th November 2021.

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