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Article: Top 5 Best Single Cask Whisky Gift For Christmas

Top 5 Best Single Cask Whisky Gift For Christmas

Top 5 Best Single Cask Whisky Gift For Christmas

"What whisky should I pour in my glencairn glass? Which are the best drams to share (or not if they are so damn tasty) during Christmas holidays?"

Fear not my friends yours truly, Teo Spiropoulos prepared a top five celebration drams that he will surely pour into his glass and if you visit him in Greece to your glass too !

Dalmore 7 years old whisky (Cask 800147)


First, a personal favourite of mine in terms of cigar pairing. Dalmore is one of the best companies for your cigar due to the smooth, silky whisky they produce. It is especially a great fit when it has been finished in a tawny port quarter cask just like this 7 years old expression of Dalmore. A true single malt scotch whisky with dried fruits and spices sets you up for a perfect environment to be accompanied by your tobacco meaty notes. A well-deserved one, I will definitely pour some after dinner with my cigar!

English Whisky Peated 12 years old whisky (cask 106RR)


Okay, I bet you haven't tried this one! For me, it is always fun to pour some new not so well-known whisky in my glass and guess all the details: Region, type of barrel, age and why not sometimes the distillery !

Here is a perfect example of such a whisky. The oldest ever English Whisky bottle!

Pour a nice dram to your glass. Then close your eyes and smell it. It grabs my nose and takes it to the western islands of Scotland, smelling the salty sea and some burning peat from a close distillery. I could swear I'm on Islay or maybe to be more adventurous on Isle of Mull where Tobermory is currently making their famous peated Ledaig. I can smell the burning peat and some fruits on the nose, so I run quick for a sip that gives me confidence in what I just thought with all that smoke and strawberries in it. Yes! —I am definitely in Islay! And then I open my eyes, read the label and realize...I am not in Islay, not even in Scotland ! But in England at Saint George distillery, trying a 12 year old peated octave English whisky! Well, that was a trap my friends but lovely finish and exquisite dram! This one undoubtedly goes to my collection.

Glentauchers 22 year old whisky (cask 7846):


You just found a lost gem from the Speyside region. You'll never meet an original bottling from Glentauchers simply because there are none, but it makes this Pernod Ricard hidden treasure an absolute unique representation of a true Speyside whisky. Components of floral notes and honey mellow nose, to sweet unpeated but fruity taste is all you need to know from the region. Adding to this (yes there is even more) the 22 years guarantees the smooth aftertaste of this beauty that pleases your palate so long it will be hard to separate yourself from this whisky. A true treasure and hard to find whisky.

Tullibardine 6 year old (sherry cask 9900135)


One of my favourites, an absolute sherry bombs with a fantastic price! By all means, this great Tullibardine matured exclusively in a sherry hogshead with all the promising dark red fruits and nutty notes given is a winner. If I have to describe it one word: A liquid Christmas cake in a bottle (not one word, I know, but if you read it fast, it will be). One drop and all your childhood memories of the amazing festive meals and smells comes back. I am for sure one of those who wants to deep dive into this tasty memories!

Macduff 23 year old (cask 5233)


Last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, an old sherry bomb: Macduff! A “lost” distillery sending their cask as a Christmas present! A 23 years old oloroso hogshead that..I promise... make your holiday dram extra special! The long-lasting sherry notes with warm spices and sweet blackberry notes fits perfect to the chocolate and fig aftertaste. Try it at the end of your finger licking holiday meal and wait for the fireworks! A really well matured sherry bomb will give you that!



Hope you find something for yourself or your loved ones but never forget we are always here to give you all the best recommendations! Write us anytime, our team is here to help you find your first or next whisky!

The Single Cask Team


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