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Article: Burns Night celebration is here!

Dailuaine burns night whisky

Burns Night celebration is here!

Sharing history, a whisky sauce recipe with whisky suggestions and our poem!
What do we celebrate on Burns Night exactly?

Long story made really short on Burns Night we celebrate good fellowship and the legacy of national poet Robert Burns.

His art and himself became an influential voice of his era, making him more of a revolutionary figure, penning more than 500 poems and songs, not shying away from political commentary either. After his death in 1796 his legacy was honoured by the people closest to him, by getting together to celebrate the immortal memory of their dear old friend with a great dinner in his old home at Burns Cottage, Alloway

What was served at that night back in 1801?
Guests at this first supper were served sheep’s head, (which rarely features on modern menus..) whisky and great poems!

Nowadays, the supper usually includes traditional peppery haggis accompanied by tatties (mashed potato) and neeps (mashed turnip) with a wee of whisky. For this year celebration we also share a whisky sauce recipe to accompany your haggis! This of course can be exchanged to any of your favourite dram in a glass.

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum’s Whisky Sauce

The perfect accompaniment to the traditional haggis, neeps and tatties, this sauce is easy to make and adds an extra Scottish twist to the dish!

  • 1 large white onion, chopped
  • 50g butter
  • Olive oil
  • 500ml vegetable stock
  • 50g cornflour
  • 100ml whisky (see our suggestions below)
  • 1 beef stock cube
  • 1tbsp wholegrain mustard
  1. Sweat off the onion with butter and a splash of olive oil. 
  2. Add mustard, whisky and the vegetable stock. 
  3. Bring to the boil for 5 minutes then reduce heat and add the beef stock cube and cornflour to thicken. 
  4. Once thickened, blend to a sauce consistency. 
  5. Pour over your haggis, and enjoy!

Our Delicious Burns Night Whisky Lineup:

I've picked 4 of my best picks with for different styles to accompany you, the haggis, the poems, the good company and off course why not an after dinner cigar? 

1.) A Fresh Welcome Drink: Benrinnes 10 year old whisky (cask 302110)

A classic fruity bourbon style Speysider! Stands proud and welcomes you to this glorious night! A small sip and the long green fields are upon us! Let's toast for a great celebration time. The night is young!

2.) Whisky To Your Haggis: Glendullan 10 year old (cask 131)

As haggis keeps coming, I would definitely go for this PX hogshead Glendullan with that well known peppery and oak notes added with some extra figs, it gives another dimension to our dinner! A really well-balanced dram with the sherry influence playing a crucial role along with meat!

3.) The Smoky Partner: Ruadh Maor 10 year old whisky (cask 152A)

As we move along with the meat, I want more drama on the table! So I introduce this peated Glenturret: Ruadh Maor! A great smokiness with sweet notes takes me back to the old Scottish villages where you can smell the peat burning and the meat cooking in each house for supper!

4.) Best Company For The Poems: Glentauchers 22 year old whisky (cask 7846)

This whisky gives me a reason for an after dinner cigar. A well aged and balanced single cask that holds a tremendous amount of greatness inside the bottle! When you first try, you will swear this is a sherry cask, but it is not! This is one of the best bourbon casks I've ever had with nuts and raisins and fruits! Long-lasting greatness, the best choice to end a glorious night singing the Auld Lang Syne!

When it comes to traditions, we for sure take our part of it, so please read our special poem for this occasion that we will read to our fellow whisky lover along with our whisky sauce accompanied haggis.

                      Whisky Galore

A wartime film, I heard tell
Was it Whisky Galore? That rings a bell!
Some thirsty Scots islanders chanced their luck,
And plundered some whisky from a boat that got stuck!
Today’s whisky story is sure to amuse,
We hope it’s an offer you can’t refuse!
It’s all about us, “The Single Cask”
We provide whisky for your hip flask

And if that’s not quite enough for you,
We’ve even got barrels, so form a queue!
In Scotland we are firmly based,
Our whisky everyone loves to taste!

Some is fragrant like a fruit
Some goes well after Salmon en croute!
Drink it slowly, it’s full of flavour,
Drink it steady and don’t waiver 

Our Single Cask whisky is like no other
Give some to your friends or even your mother!
It’s good for coughs, it’s great for a cold
Your grandad will love it, it’s great if you’re old!

So drink whisky wisely, take our advice
Getting drunk and disorderly is not very nice,
But Single Cask whisky will make you feel mellow
So try for yourself, there’s a good fellow!


Poem by: Our Stella Mackness

Oidhche Bhlas Burns!

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