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Article: Valentine's day gift ideas for 2022

Valentine's day gifts for him 2020

Valentine's day gift ideas for 2022

Valentine's Day 2022, choose a gift that you can enjoy !

Valentine's Day 2022 is fast approaching and, if you're anything like me, you may need some Valentine's gift and present ideas either for your loved one or for yourself! Because let's admit the first and best relationship is the one we have with ourselves, isn't it. In any case, don't worry, we have you covered because we have some perfect whisky valentine gift ideas. In no particular order, our Valentine 2022 present ideas are:


1. The Final Cut whisky tasting set

The Final Cut is a whisky tasting set that combines our cask strength whiskies with Uisge Source regional spring water, helping your loved one create their perfect dram cut to a strength that suits their individual tastes. Its the perfect gift for a whisky lover, or someone new to whisky alike. Each set includes: 100ml of our single cask, cask strength whisky; 100ml of spring water from the near the distillery; a Glencairn whisky glass; and a glass pipette.

Find out more about The Final Cut whisky tasting sets here.


2. The Dram Team whisky club subscription

This is another lovely gift idea that will keep on giving all year long: a subscription to The Dram Team whisky clubThe Dram Team bring out-of-the-ordinary whisky tastings right to your loved one's door.  Each box includes five 25ml samples, a sixth 10ml sample of a super premium whisky, and tasting notes for all six drams.  They have a variety of subscription models for you to choose from, including: one-month; quarterly; half-annual; and, annual.  A single month normally costs you £29.99,  Visit the site using the button below to get your subscription!

Visit The Dram Team whisky subscription club


3. Single malt scotch whisky from The Single Cask

OK, so, go with us on this: we have to include just one entry from The Single Cask in this gift idea list.  All our whiskies are premium products at cask strength, each offering a unique whisky that your other half is very unlikely to have ever tasted.  We have a range of great single malt scotch whisky, and even English Whisky if you're looking for something a bit different.  Each bottle is a beautiful decanter style piece of glassware, so your other half will feel like a King / Queen with this sat on their table as they pour themselves (and hopefully you!) a dram.  They're sure to love these whiskies, you can't go wrong.

Visit our Winter 2022 single malt scotch whisky collection


4. An infinity whisky bottle from The Whisky Baron

If you're other half is anything like me they may have half a dozen empty bottles laying around the lounge; you may or may not be best pleased with this!  But The Whisky Baron has come up with an amazing idea to make the most of these part-empty bottles, and turn them into something delicious, unique, and ever-lasting: an infinity whisky bottle.  The Baron's beautifully presented "Infinite" bottle is designed to be continually topped up with any whisky your other half likes, and allows them to track whats gone into the bottle through an online database, meaning they can monitor their customer-made blend as it evolves over time.

Visit The Whisky Baron online shop


5. Summerton Whisky Club subscription

A subscription to the Summerton Whisky Club is a gift that keeps on giving, with a unique bottle of delicious whisky delivered to your other half's door every other month.  Not only are you going to earn serious bonus points on Valentine's Day itself, but every time a Summerton delivery arrives at the house you'll be very much in your partner's good books.  Each delivery costs £50 (ie, £50 ever other month); you can buy either a £50 voucher, a half year subscription (£150), or a full year subscription (£300).

Visit The Summerton Whisky club here


Whatever you choose, we wish everyone a Valentine Day full of self-care and love, spend it with friends, loved ones or with yourself. A wonderful year ahead is ahead of us let's do it together.  Raising a glass of whiskey to your good health, slainte!

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