“Every cask is special and different resulting in a unique whisky when bottled with a limited amount of bottles it will yield. All the whisky casks are selected in combination with talks to the label artists so that it creates a perfect circle from cask to glass and to fit the personalities ans preferences of the artist as well as myself. Its not just a whisky it’s a piece of us”

It all started with a love and passion affair with whisky and a tattoo art. The artisan manner in which different distilleries create their newmake/ whisk(e)y the art of aging and wood management, it’s just fascinating.

Combining my love for whisky and tattoo art resulted in the Scotch&Tattoos line. Working with different artists and different casks showcasing the diversity of the overall art of the artists and the distilleries with my own twist.


After meeting Ben Curtis of The Single Cask I was able to source the right casks to rerack and or mature and combine them with our vibrant labels to share them with the community. We put emphasis on quality over quantity in our whisky as well as our labels to be able to present something new every time.

In closing, Creating bottlings that are a part of me as a person and being able to share that whisky lovers worldwide fills me with gratitude and happiness. You all are the reason I am able to have made my dream come true!

Special thanks to the Scotch&Tattoos artist family;

Philbert Kohinor - El Barrio Ink Rotterdam, NL 

Nathan Hunmin Ji - Rain& Forest tattoo, USA

Yushi ‘Horikichi’ Takei – Black&gold tattoo NL

Torsten Paul Whisky Co. is based out of Rotterdam and is part of #thesinglecaskfamily