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Blair Athol 13 years old whisky (cask 303387A)

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Distillery: Blair Athol

Region: Highland, Scotland

Age: 13 years old

Year distilled: 2008

ABV: cask strength of  54.9%

Cask type: Oloroso Quarter Cask

Cask ref: 303387A

Bottle outturn: 141

Bottle size: 700ml 


Nose: Red fruits, red wine, malt, grapefruit, oak

Palate: Red fruits with sweet raisins, red wine, grapefruit, oak, malt, black pepper

Finish: Sweet raisins, red wine, malt, grapefruit, black pepper


A bottle admired by many, but fewer people know the meaning behind this label. Before Torsten from Scotch & Tattoos started his own whisky company, he was still looking for his dream job until he met Ben Curtis and bought his first Dalmore cask from him. So what does the label symbolizes? The cat is filled with beautiful caramel brown colour while we left the lady on the picture completely blank, empty, leaning into the comfort of the cat. You might have guessed it right, the cat symbolises the whisky and the lady symbolises me or you when you discover the warmth and excitement of a good single cask whisky. It fills you up when you feel empty with all the emotions, flavour, and joy.

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