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What we do differently

Profiling our Whisky by Mood

In searching for the ultimate single cask experience, we believe there are many factors to take into consideration.

Flavour and character are important, and our Taste Masters come together to explore each whisky they bottle and bring this to life through descriptive tasing notes, naming every cask to reflect its persona.


But we also take an innovative approach to flavour profiling. Each whisky we bottle is allocated to one of five moods. We encourage exploration of our whiskies through occasions and moments in time. It also helps answer the question – what are you in the mood for?

Each mood profile has been given a colourful icon, click on each to discover more.

Meet our whisky moods

Typical attributes: versatile, soft fruit, floral, vanilla, coconut, cereal, malty, toffee, gentle peat, juicy,
more-ish, well-balanced, whisky for non-whisky drinkers.

Occasion: any occasion, crowd-pleasing all-rounders, versatile.

Ideal drinker: those who seek a guaranteed winner.

Typical flavours: citrus, zesty, cut grass, ginger, esters, peppery, medicinal, charcoal, malty, intense
fruit, playful smoke, tingly mouthfeel, big without being heavy.

Occasion: for celebrating life and all its adventures.

Ideal drinker: adventurers, explorers, and thrill-seekers.

Typical flavours: dried fruit, big spices, burnt, tar, dark chocolate, meaty, tobacco, heavy peat,
medicinal, maritime.

Occasion: when only a sledgehammer will do.

Ideal drinker: those who like to grab flavour by the horns.

Typical flavours: esoteric and unusual, a mix of styles that’s tricky to fit into any one category or pin

Occasion: for thought-provoking moments and pondering.

Ideal drinker: inquisitive souls who love unravelling flavours.

Typical flavours: rich fruit, gentle spices, creamy, roasted nuts, fudge, butterscotch, bonfire smoke,
soft mouthfeel.

Occasion: relaxing with a dram when time doesn’t matter.

Ideal drinker: those who like to kick back, relax and unwind.