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Aberlour 21 years old whisky (cask 965)

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Distillery: Aberlour

Region: Speyside

Age: 21 years old

Year distilled: 1995

ABV: Cask strength of 45.8%

Cask ref: 965

Cask type: N/A

Bottle outturn: N/A

Bottle size: 700ml


Nose: Herbal, slightly citrusy and somewhat spicy, with mint, basil, lemon peel and cinnamon emerging. Some hints of camphor and menthol in the mix as well as some barley sugar and a noticeable alcohol note.

Palate: Not particularly sweet, with the citrus hints taking the form of white grapes and lemon zest. Cinnamon, grass, malt and black pepper also emerge along with some oak and vanilla.

Finish: Relatively long on the finish, with the white grapes and lemon zest intermingling with the cinnamon and oak hints as well as a touch of vanilla sugar.

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