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Distillery: TSC Blair Athol

Region: Highland

Age: 22 years old

Year distilled: 1991

ABV: 58.4%

Cask ref: 7284

Cask type: N/A

Bottle outturn: N/A

Bottle size: 700ml


Nose: Big and with a bold presence. The thick sweetness is redolent with juicy vanilla and coconut and countered with a perfect foil of sharp minerals and wet wool that must have been soaked in grapefruit juice. Excellent play of sweetness against the citric sharpness.

Palate: The sweet bourbon influence is strong here, but the spirit does not back down either and is full of backbone. Menthol chest rub, the tiniest drop of medicine and herbal bitters hold up an already firm spirit.

Finish: Long, sweet and mentholated.

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