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Bruichladdich 11 year old Water of Life Film Edition (Cask 3615)

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Distillery: Bruichladdich

Region: Islay, Scotland

Age: 11 years old

ABV: cask strength of 61.3%

Cask ref: 3615

Cask: First fill Bourbon Barrel

Bottle outturn: 247

Bottle size: 700ml 


Nose: macadamia, sea salt, malt, honey, cacao, light hay.

Palate: An immediate rush of liquorice, lemon, key lime and fennel which took the tongue a few minutes to process before it leads on to green apple, pineapple, cinnamon and mint on second taste before it exits and leaves behind you salivating with malt powder and sencha rice tea. Full-bodied and decadent.

Finish: Dries off into malt, white pepper, coriander seeds.


The Water of Life is a feature documentary that focuses on the craftsmen, chemists, and renegades at the heart of the whisky revolution that turned the stagnant scotch whisky industry of the 1980s into the titan it is today.

Starting behind the locked gates of an abandoned distillery, Jim McEwan and Mark Reynier share their personal experiences of therisk-taking and wild experimentation they used to turn Bruichladdich into a creative and financial powerhouse.

The film also takes you on the journeys of visionaries like Gordon & MacPhail, Billy Walker, Rachel Barrie and David Stewart, whose mixture of talent, chemistry, hard work, grit, and a little sprinkle of magic paved the way for the next generation of innovators like Adam Hannett, Kelsey McKechnie, Liam Hughes, Iain Croucher, and Eddie Brook.

The Water of Life is a uniquely personal perspective on the evolution of whisky by those who lived it - the story of those who played a key part in rediscovering the crafting of the ancient spirit. 

Visit Water of Life Film website for more information.

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