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Caol Ila 4 years old 50ml whisky (cask 312231A)


Distillery: Caol Ila

Region: Islay, Scotland

Type: Single malt scotch

Age: 4 years old

Distilled: 2016

ABV: cask strength of 58.6%

Cask ref: 312231A

Cask: 1st Fill SC PX Octave 50lt

Bottle size: 50 ml 


Nose: Blueberries, black berries, light aniseed, herbaceous oregano, caraway, charred coriander seeds, angelica root, barbecue meats, sea salt, lime stone

Palate: Peat lays as background sound while it froths through with angelica root, caraway, honeyed bacon, sarsaparilla, red wine, brine, bacon fat and leather takes over. On a second sip, concentrated grape juice, grape skins, drift wood, damp soil and raisins          

Finish: Long, drying and velvety, bacon drippings, savoury, caraway, herbaceous, saline


The cutest mini bottles representing one of the 3 most popular Scottish whisky regions. The always smoky Islay, the refreshing and colourful Highland and the full of fruit Speyside region. These minis are perfect for tasting events for bigger groups or for your home. Some collectors already laid their eye on them as these 50ml bottles are very rare to find in such a shape and quality! No more to say, just that they are the perfect combination of tasty and adorable.

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