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Caol Ila 6 year old whisky (cask 311895)

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Key facts about this whisky

Distillery: Caol Ila

Region: Islay, Scotland

Age: 6 years old

Vintage: 2013

ABV: cask strength of 59.1%

Cask ref: 311895

Cask type: ex-bourbon hogshead

Bottle outturn: 313

Bottle size: 700ml

Whisky tasting notes

Nose: Bright and youthful with its core Islay character shining through. Peat and smoke; sea salt and shells; oak and vanilla; cinnamon and green tea. 

Palate: Sea salt and shells from the ocean, meet bacon smoked over peat from the land. Further notes of cinnamon and green tea, with the oak and vanilla from the cask.

Finish: Medium to long finish with peat, sea salt, vanilla and oak.

Caol Ila background

Caol Ila is the silent assassin of Islay; there is peat in this whisky, but it sneaks up on you. With less prominent smoke than some of its Islay neighbours, everything about Caol Ila whisky is different. From it’s mashing, fermentation regime, stills and the cut points; it’s unique. Its often the quiet ones who surprise us the most.

This single malt whisky is the perfect example of that. It captures both the coastal and land elements of Islay, with balanced notes to take your mind straight to this charismatic island.  A lovely whisky, and a must try.

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