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Glentauchers 22 year old whisky (cask 7841)

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Distillery: Glentauchers

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Age: 22 years old

Year distilled: 1996

ABV: cask strength of 54.0%

Cask ref: 7841

Cask type: finished in ex-sherry American oak, one of two sister casks

Bottle outturn: 208

Bottle size: 700ml

Featured instagrammer: @parkwhiskeysociety


Nose: Spiced vanilla, warm and packed with delicate fruit aromas. Thick honey and gingerbread.

Palate: Rich caramel, a hint of salt and cracked black pepper. Very rich and velvety, this is an easy-drinking whisky. The flavours from by the sherry cask are there, but don't dominate.

Finish: A long, oaky finish, with some lingering cinnamon and sherried notes. 


This  Glentauchers single malt whisky, and her sister cask, are like Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap; born on the same day, but grew up in different surroundings. Although the Glentauchers sisters were made 2 years before that movie came out; which that makes us feel old! These two whiskies show what cask finishes can do to a whisky; both started their lives as ex bourbon cask, with one having full term maturation in ex bourbon and this one being finished in an ex sherry cask. A fascinating experiment, that has resulted in delightful scotch twins. Check out the sister cask here.

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