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Linkwood 13 years old whisky (cask 802522)


Distillery: Linkwood

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Type: Single malt scotch

Age: 13 years old

Distilled: 2008

ABV: cask strength of 55.5%

Cask ref: 802522

Cask: 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel

Bottle outturn: 81

Bottle size: 700ml 


Nose: Hints of green fruit coupled with green tea, oak, malt, white pepper and citrus

Palate: Citrus and green fruits, followed by oak, malt, white pepper, cinnamon and green tea

Finish: Medium finish with the citrus and green fruits, green tea and oak at the fore


Rumour has it that in the 1930s, Linkwood was so dedicated to maintaining it’s distinct flavours that even spiders’ webs were not removed from the warehouses for fear of changing the whisky’s character. We love that kind of attention to detail and dedication to producing consistently good whisky. And this scotch shows exactly why that character is worth such fanatical attention to detail. When you make whisky this good, you don’t want to change it.

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