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Macduff 19 year old whisky (cask 5278)

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Distillery: Macduff

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Age: 19 years old

ABV: cask strength of 53.5%

Cask ref: 5278

Cask type: first fill ex-bourbon

Bottle outturn: 273

Bottle sizes: 700ml standard


Nose: Slightly herbal, with hints of sage and sea salt. Sweetness in the form of burnt marshmallows and strawberries, coupled with white pepper, hints of barley sugar and a hint of violets.

Palate: ‪The sweetness is immediately apparent on the palate, coupled with a little spice from red chilli flakes, balanced against peaches and runny honey.‬

Finish: Medium on the finish, with sweet and slightly savoury notes and an oiliness receding to the background. 


The stills at Macduff are intriguing things. First, there are five of them (two wash stills and three spirit stills). There is only one other distillery in Scotland that has this configuration: Talisker. But the design of the stills themselves is uniquely Macduff. The lyne arms rise slowly and then take sharp right turns connecting to the shell and tubes that lie horizontally and have after-coolers. All of this extends copper conversion and adds complexity to the whisky. This 19-year-old is the epitome of complex sophistication from a unique distillery.

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