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North British 34 year old (cask 89171)

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Distillery: North British

Region: Lowland, Scotland

Age: 34 years old

Year distilled: 12 December 1989

ABV: cask strength of  42.9%

Cask type: Ex-Bourbon Barrel

Cask ref: 89171

Bottle outturn: 1 of 87

Bottle size: 700ml 


Category: Cheerful 

Nose: Full of life and exuberance, with aromas of sponge cake, icing sugar, and orange blossom dancing in the glass. Wiggling and jiggling alongside heather honey, charred oak, and baked apples with cream. With time, a slower tempo waltz encouraged the more laid-back characters of butterscotch, ripe banana, and toasted coconut to enter the dancefloor.

Palate: The mouth, on the other hand, was a packed disco of dancers, as energetic ginger, cinnamon and black pepper teased creamy fudge and shortbread biscuits. A little water changed the mood, inviting toasted pine nuts, milk chocolate and toffee to continue long onto the finish.

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