Royal Brackla 11 year old single malt scotch whisky

Royal Brackla 11

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Distillery: Royal Brackla

Region: Highlands, Scotland

Age: 11 years old

ABV: cask strength of 60.9%

Cask type: ex-bourbon American oak

Bottle outturn: 285



Nose: Fruit and barley springs from your glass, followed by musty oak green ferns dusted with white pepper.

Palate: A soothing balm of oak and spice that’s both rich and sweet with rock sugar, green tea and white wine.

Finish: A mellow and long finish where where that rock sugar and white wine lingers alongside some dusky oak.



James Augustus Grant, who in 1860 went on a journey to discover the source of the Nile, wrote to his sister that after dinner the adventurers felt: ‘as comfortable as if we had our legs under your table drinking Brackla.’ We think James’ words from Egypt are still true of Royal Brackla whisky today; it is a wonderfully tranquil and smooth single malt. A lot of Royal Brackla finds its way into blended whisky, which is why we rescued this cask for you to lean back in your chair and enjoy this delightfully mellow scotch.