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The Final Cut Highland

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Adding water to whisky

Distilleries sometimes cut their whiskies with water before bottling. This makes the whisky taste the way they think is best. And that's OK in principle; adding water can be an important part of enjoying whisky.  

Why add water to whisky?

Cask strength whisky can have a high percentage of alcohol. Adding a little water removes any alcohol prickle it might have and allows the whisky to open up.  As the whisky relaxes, it unlocks more flavour molecules; which means you’ll be able to enjoy more aromas and pick out new tasting notes.

We want to put you in control of that process with The Final Cut, which gives you everything you need to create your perfect dram - cut to your taste. These limited edition sets are available exclusively from The Single Cask.

The Final Cut Highland whisky set includes:

100ml of 9 year old single cask Ardmore whisky, bottled by The Single Cask at cask strength of 58.5%, without chill filtration or added colour. 

A Glencairn, whisky’s official glass which is designed to help you nose whisky and fully appreciate its complexities.

100ml of Uisge Source Highland spring water, drawn from a private well in the Highland region and selected to match the chemistry of the water used to make the Ardmore whisky.

A glass pipette, so you can control the exact amount of Highland spring water you want to add to your cask strength Ardmore, drop by drop.

How to add water to whisky?

To make the final cut, pour a measure of your cask strength whisky into your Glencairn glass.  Take a sip neat and see how you find it.  Add the Uisge Source spring water drop by drop, using your pipette. Try and see what aromas and flavours you find. Repeat until you find the exact amount of water that makes the dram perfect for your tastes.

Tell us about your perfect dram

Everyone is different. We’d love to hear how much spring water you add to your whisky. Please share a photo on social media telling us the number of drops you’ve used - don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #MakeTheFinalCut.  We’ll be doing a few prize draws throughout the year, so you could even win some free whisky!

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