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Article: Dufftown Distillery

Dufftown Distillery

Dufftown Distillery

Dufftown whisky is the definition of nutty-spicy whisky with a malt heavy profile. 


 The name might be familiar to you from the famous Diageo product "The Singleton of Dufftown". This low profile distillery does not release single malt whiskies, in fact that we could bottle two of their whiskies was a great success and luck for us!

They have lengthened the fermentation process in the recent years, making their new make spirit more grassy and clear. This is down to the needs of Diageo’s blenders. 

Interesting fun fact of the distillery is customers from different continents receive different single malt whiskies under the name of Singleton.. If you buy yourself a bottle of Singleton in Europe it will actually be a Dufftown malt whisky, but if you're buying a bottle of Singleton in the USA it will contain Glendullan whisky while shoppers in Asia receive a bottle of Glen Ord single malt whisky. It might be just their question of preference!

History of Dufftown whisky distillery

Dufftown Distillery is one of many distilleries that actually started as a mill, and when the boom in whisky production started it was transformed to be a distillery. The production of whisky started in 1896 by Mackenzie & Co. (which by that time already owned Blair Athol). Later it was acquired by Arthur Bell & Sons in 1933 and became a prominent ingredient for Bell's whisky. After the huge succes the company increased the number of stills to eight by 1979 — there are now six.

To deal with the rise in demand, Bell had to build another distillery (basically Dufftown 2) to satisfy the needs for their blends. However, this distillery had to close in 1993, and then it was demolished in 2002. In 1985 Bell’s was bought by Guinness and two years later Diageo was formed. In 2006, Dufftoen becamean important part of the Singleton family (alongside Glendullan and Glen Ord) with its market being, predominantly, UK and Europe.


Speyside Region

Although, Speyside was not accepted as an official whisky region it is now generally approved as a subdivision of the Highlands Region. Over half of all Scotland's distilleries are located in here which makes it the most densely populated whisky region in the world. Many of the most popular single malts are produced in Speyside also the malts here are typically said to be the sweetest of all scotch whisky malts. Their whiskies are known for being frugal with peat and full of fruit. Pear, apple, vanilla, honey and spice all have a part a role in expressions from this region, which are commonly matured in sherry casks.


Whisky Type

Single Malt

Distillery Status






Fermentation Time


Grist weight (T)


Malt specification


Mash Tun Material

Stainless Steel

New-Make Strength


Spirit Still Charge (L)


Spirit Still Size (L)



Racked and Dunnage

Wash Still Shape


Washback Type




Yeast type


Condenser type

Shell and tube

Filling strength


Heat source

Steam coils

Malt supplier

Mainly in House

Mash Tun Type


Single Malt percentage


Spirit still shape




Wash Still Charge (L)


Wort Clarity


Washback type


Water source

Jock's Well, Conval Hills Spring

Parent company


Current owner



+44 1340 822100


Not open to the public


Dufftown Distillery
AB55 4BR
United Kingdom

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