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Article: The Macallan

The Macallan

The Macallan

History of The Macallan whisky distillery

Macallan distillery is a single malt whisky distillery in Craigellachie, part of the Speyside region of Scotland. The distillery was founded by Alexander Reid in 1824, one of the first distilleries in Scotland to have a legal license for distilling whisky. The name Macallan is derived from Gaelic word ‘magh’, which means ‘a fertile land’, and ‘Ellan’ thathonors St.Fillan’, a monk who spread Christianity in Scotland during the 18thcentury.

Farmers during that time grew barley on a large scale all around Scotland, and indeed Alexander Reid was himself a barley farmer. During the winter, where there is no active farming, the barley harvested is fermented and then distilled into whiskey. This made good sense for Alexander, as it used his excess crop to create something of additional monetary value.  And, winter was the perfect time for manufacturing whiskey, because during cold water is readily available for the cooling of the stills in the season. During the spring, the sowing starts again and the cycle follows.

In the subsequent years, Macallan distillery passed through different owners. It was named as Elchies distillery, named after a nearby estate,which adopted the company until 1980. Macallan distillery had a stable business when Roderick Kemp took over the distillery in 1892 and remained in control until 1994, when a Japanese company named Suntory and the Highland Distillers Group took over the ownership.

In 1999 Macallan was bought the Edrington Group, and the distillery has gained a global reputation for being one of the biggest, and best quality, scotch whisky brands in the world.

Whisky from The Macallan

The Macallan has a large number of core releases and limited editions, including both age statements and non age statements.  Single cask releases are rare and ten to be pitched at premium price points.

Macallan's distillery character produces smooth medium bodied whisky which is rich, sweet and often well aged with ex sherry casks a common influence. 

Buy a cask of Macallan whisky

If you're interested in buying a cask of Macallan whisky, please contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.  We can also offer a range of bottling services, making the whole process of creating your very own whisky easy.

Sell a cask of Macallan whisky

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The Macallan distillery details

 Whisky Type

Single malt

Distillery Status






Fermentation Time

Minimum 48hrs

Grist weight (T)


Malt specification


Mash Tun Material


New-Make Strength


Spirit Still Charge (L)


Spirit Still Size (L)



Dunnage and racked

Wash Still Shape


Washback Size (L)




Yeast type

Liquid (cream) yeast

Condenser type

Shell and tube

Filling strength


Heat source


Malt supplier


Mash Tun Type


Single Malt percentage


Spirit still shape



36 (12 wash, 24 spirit)

Wash still charge (L)


Wash Still size (L)


Washback type

Stainless steel

Water source

Boreholes on Macallan Estate

Parent company


Current owner



+44 1340 872280



Macallan Distillery
Easter Elchies
AB38 9RX
United Kingdom


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