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Article: The Single Cask Whisky Moods: Cheerful Whiskies

The Single Cask Whisky Moods: Cheerful Whiskies

The Single Cask Whisky Moods: Cheerful Whiskies

What’s your go-to single malt whisky? The one you can rely on to hit the spot no matter the occasion. It’s drams like these we like to call Cheerful whiskies when categorising single cask whisky by mood. Keep reading to discover more about our Cheerful whiskies and how to use our whisky moods to find your perfect next bottle. But first, what’s all this business about whisky moods?

Single Cask Whisky by Mood

Single cask whiskies offer the most diverse range of flavours of all whiskies. Anything from seaweed on a bonfire to blossom in a honey pot, and anything in between. It therefore becomes a challenge to encapsulate the individual character of single cask whiskies in no more than a handful of categories.

To solve this conundrum, at The Single Cask we have taken an innovative approach – categorising whisky by mood. Each single cask of whisky has its own charisma which can be thought of in terms of personality traits. This makes understanding whisky flavour much simpler, accessible, and also fun. You can read more about it in our article: An Exciting New Way To Taste Single Cask Whisky. But for now, let’s talk about the Cheerful category in detail.

The Charisma of Cheerful Whiskies

The first of our five whisky flavour moods is Cheerful. When thinking of being cheerful, feelings of being care-free, joyful, and relaxed may come to mind. This is exactly what Cheerful whiskies are all about. Those easy to drink, delicious, and effortless drams that never seem out of place.

These are the kinds of whiskies that are so well-mannered you can take them anywhere, and for any occasion. The ones that retain the unique personality of a single cask, but are always eager to please without feeling overpowering or too intense. In fact, Cheerful whiskies, being the perfect crowd-pleasers, are the ideal drams to share with your friends who don’t even like whisky!

Of course, The Single Cask whiskies are bottled in their purest form – at cask strength. So they will be considerably stronger than the standard strength scotch whiskies at around 43% abv. Therefore, at full-strength they could feel far from easy drinking. So it’s important to remember that you can reduce the alcohol by simply adding a few drops of water at a time until you find the perfect balance. You have complete control over adding just the right amount of water, or even none at all.

How Do Cheerful Whiskies Taste?

You may be wondering, along with being easy-drinking, relaxed, and care-free, what do Cheerful whiskies actually taste like? The point is that the specific flavours can be anything, as long as they are versatile, effortless, and amiable. However, as a rough guide to point you in the right direction, here are a few suggestions of what to expect.

Cheerful whiskies can be thought of as tasting of juicy fruits that are soft and ripe, perhaps served with double cream and a drizzle of honey. Fragrant floral notes will also be common, and sweet malty characters such as brioche bread, buttered toast, and crumbly biscuits. Toffee, icing sugar and vanilla sponge cake will also be well-suited for Cheerful whiskies. But how about peat?

Peated whiskies are not always the big, smoky chimneys and antiseptic bandages that are often associated with Islay whisky. Cheerful peated whiskies embrace a softer side to smoke, more gentle wafts of barbecue smoke, perhaps in the distance rather than behind right under your nose.

In the Mood for Easy Drinking Single Malt Whisky

When you’re in the mood for a deliciously easy drinking single malt whisky, you’re in the mood for a Cheerful whisky. For those feel-good moments when you fancy something that’s simply pleasing. Or when you need a trustworthy and reliable bottle of something special to share with friends.

Cheerful whiskies are there for you when you need them. Regardless of your mood, a Cheerful whisky can be relied upon to be the perfect partner. Whether it’s a lightly smoky whisky, a relaxed sherry cask whisky, or a fruity Speyside whisky. If it’s in our Cheerful category it will be the best whisky for simply pouring a dram, raising a glass, and letting the good times flow.

Hopefully you can get a sense that The Single Cask whisky moods are all about the vibe rather than specific flavours. Along with Cheerful whiskies, we also have Playful, Bold, Curious, and Easy-going. So the next time you are perusing the latest releases of single cask scotch in our whisky shop, think to yourself, ‘what mood am I in?’. And simply have a browse of the whiskies that match how you feel.

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