the tasting bottles

We Invite You To A Private Tasting Event!

Join us to this tasting event with our masterclass teachers, and learn more about how different whisky regions, casks, and maturation processes influences the taste of whisky!

What you need to do?

Just buy one of each mini bottle of ours (below you can find each 3). Once you have purchased them and the bottles arrived, you will receive  an email with a zoom link for our online tasting event on the 28th of May! There are limited spaces available, so once the bottles are gone, we can't provide more space in the tasting.

Who is going to be there?

Three of the most knowledgeable whisky guys Brendan, Torsten and WD will guide you through the secrets of different regions, and what a dram of whisky can hide from the naked eye.

The Single Cask Family :

If you've visited a whisky festival that we attended, you probably already met Torsten. He is the most joyful and entertaining whisky guy (the photo does not do him justice!). Whenever he attends to a tasting event… you know it will be fun!

Brendan is The Single Cask's human whiskypedia. A whisky lover who has managed to turn his passion for the spirit into a lifelong opportunity to educate and engage people. No whisky of ours goes without his saying and his tasting notes.

Our stellar bartender, Wei De from our Singapore Bar. His passion and obsession with whisky and all things technical behind the makings of it makes him your number one person to ask impossible questions. He will just know the answer.