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First Feelings of Summer

First Feelings of Summer

As The Single Cask embraces a bright new chapter on its whisky journey, enjoy those optimistic first feelings of summer with this hand-picked seasonal selection. The collection has been created to bring sunshine and smiles, sip slowly and feel content and relaxed.


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Mortlach 9 year old (cask 255)Mortlach 9 year old (cask 255)
Mortlach 9 year old (cask 255) Sale price£109.00
Bruichladdich 12 year old (cask R11/281-46)
Port Charlotte 21 year old (cask 1185)Port Charlotte 21 year old (cask 1185)
Bruichladdich 12 year old (cask R11/282-35)
Caol Ila 15 year old (cask WB002)Caol Ila 15 year old (cask WB002)
Caol Ila 15 year old (cask WB002) Sale price Price: N/A
Glen Spey 16 year old (cask 801879)
Bunnahabhain 13 year old (cask 9007301)
Benrinnes 9 year old (cask 313794A)
Whitlaw 9 year old (cask 271)
Linkwood 14 year old (cask 301554)Linkwood 14 year old (cask 301554)
North British 34 year old (cask 89171)North British 34 year old (cask 89171)