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Article: Blair Athol

Blair Athol distillery

Blair Athol

Photo credit: @slainte88 on instagram

Another 'nutty-spicy' distilleries of old Bell's, and one on the bolder side. It was originally named 'Aldour', after the Allt Dour burn the distillery draws it water from, but closed soon after opening.


It's nuttiness is a product of short fermentation, enhanced after distillation. Its rich, deep, malt-loaf character comes from controlled solids inside the wash. The distillate is matured in ex-Sherry, and ex-Bourbon for blending purposes.


Founded in 1798 by John Stewart and Robert Robertson, the distillery underwent a series of ownership changes until it was purchased by Arthur Bell & Sons in 1933. Arthur Bell & Sons was itself purchased by Guinness in 1985 and is now owned by Diageo.
The central Perthshire town of Pitlochry has always had a distillery since 1798 called Aldour after its water source, but changed to Blair Athol after a village up north--or to appease to Duke of Athol who owned the land.
With Bell's rise as UK's top-selling blended Scotch in 1970s, Blair Athol doubled in capacity. A visitor centre opens for the first time in 1987. Under Diageo, Blair Athol shone inside Flora & Fauna.
The vast majority of Blair Athol spirit is designated for blending and is matured in bourbon casks whereas the single malt portion is matured in sherry casks.

Highland Region

Highland is the greatest of all whisky regions and provides a huge variety of different flavours and characters. It goes from the lighter whiskies all the way through salty coastal malts.

While malts from the West Highland distilleries tend to have a sweet start and dryish finish, the far North Highland malts character are greatly influenced by the local soil and the coastal location of the distilleries giving light bodied whiskies with a spicy character and a dryish finish, sometimes with a trace of saltiness. Central, Southern and Eastern Highland malt whiskies are generally quite a mixed bunch. Fruity and sweet. They are lighter bodied with a tendency to have a dry finish.

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Whisky Type

Single Malt

Distillery Status






Fermentation Time

Maximum 50 hours

Grist weight (T)


Malt specification


Mash Tun Material


New-Make Strength


Spirit Still Charge (L)


Spirit Still Size (L)




Wash Still Shape


Washback Size (L)




Yeast type


Condenser type

Shell and tube

Filling strength


Heat source


Malt supplier

Mostly in house

Mash Tun Type


Single Malt percentage


Spirit still shape




Wash still charge (L)


Wash Still size (L)


Washback type

4 wood, 2 steel

Water source

Kinnaird Burn

Parent company


Current owner



+44 1796 482003



Blair Athol Distillery
Perth Road
PH16 5LY
United Kingdom

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